Solar System Finance in Cape Town and South Africa

Treetops offers Solar System Finance in Cape Town and South Africa. All Businesses qualified through our vetting process are able to reduce their monthly Electricity Bill without any upfront Capital Investment.

Be smart and get a head-start of your Competition and reduce your monthly expenses zero Capital Investment!

Solar Systems for Businesses

Many companies, like factories, offices and shopping malls, peak their Electricity Consumption in daylight hours.

This is a great opportunity for a Commercial Solar System.

No impact on Cash flow

Cash Flow makes and breaks a Business – we understand that! That is why we offer to install your Commercial Solar System without any Capex from you – with our Solar System Finance!

Save up to 20% on your annual bill

Treetops is one of the leading Turnkey Solar System Integrators in Cape Town – with strong partnerships to Manufacturers, Suppliers and Financial Institutions.

We can offer your company a cost-reduction of up to 20% with our Solar System Finance!

Save more and more every year

National Electricity Prices are going to escalate every year. Realistically, the price of Electricity will double every 5 to 7 years.

By limiting your monthly purchases of Electricity with your PV System and our Solar System Finance, you are less impacted by annual increases!

Reducing your Electricity Bill is as easy as counting to 6

We have over 10 years of Experience building bespoke Solar Systems for Residential and Commercial Clients. In our carrier we have installed more than 120 Turnkey Solar Projects, with a strong focus on large-scale Residential Solar Battery Systems and Commercial Solar Systems up to 1.2MWp.

With this experience we have created our Financial Models for Renewable Energy Finance and an effective 6-step program to enable you to start working with us without any hassles. 

As Turnkey Integrator we will be your contact for all matters around your PV Project and keep you informed about every step we are taking on the way. Most Commercial Projects are commissioned within 3 to 6 months after our first contact with the client, depending on the size of the project and availability of materials in the country.

Energy Study at your Business

We have to understand how your Business is using Electricity to provide the best solution.

Analyzing your Electricity Tariff

There are many Tariffs on the market. Let’s make sure you are not overpaying and build a Financial Model!

System Design and Yield Projections

Any Solar System is only as good as its planning. We are making sure that your Project will be high-yielding asset!

Solar System Finance in Cape Town

Signing of all legal documents

Let’s get started! Our qualified teams are already looking forward to this project!

Construction and Completion of your PV System

Our qualified Installation Teams and Engineers have detailed Plans available for hassle-free Installation.

Your Electricity Bill drops by up to 20%

No Capital invested in the project and yet you are a big step ahead of your competition.

How Solar System Finance works

We have partnered with SunShare Renewable Energy and their Elite Network of Individuals and International funds to provide our clients with the best possible financial support for their Solar System Finance Cape Town

Without any Direct Capital Investment Businesses can install a Commercial Solar System on their roof to reduce their Electricity Bill by up to 20%!

Your Business will benefit from our unique Commercial Solar System Solutions. With our detailed Energy Study and Analysis of your Business we are able to provide you with the best Solution for maximum Cost Saving and Reliability.

It is crucial to understand how your Business is using Electricity and how you are paying for it. If you are paying for kVA Demand Charges, it will significantly affect the System Design!

Once all Contracts are signed and your Commercial Solar System has been commissioned, you will immediately spend less money on Electricity every month. As Electricity Prices escalate, your savings will escalate as well. With Solar System Finance Cape Town

The annual cost of your Financing Solution will escalate by CPIX + 2, while Electricity charges will escalate by CPIX + 4 or more!

Solar System Finance Cape Town – use SolarEdge!

Treetops has over a decade of experience in the PV Industry and we have understood that only exceptional service and products can ensure the long-term success of our Projects.
In 2013 we have installed the very first “
SolarEdge” PV System in Cape Town. The reason was simple – no other manufacturer is offering:
– 25 years warranty on their MPPT Optimizers
– up to 20 years on their residential and commercial PV Inverters
– Market-leading and module-level monitoring, which is forever free of charge
– Lowest R/kWh cost over the lifetime of your Commercial Solar System, because of minimal maintenance requirements
– Top Service and Support to their installers and clients

We highly recommend using SolarEdge for your Commercial Solar System Finance Cape Town

Industry-leading warranty

Your financed Solar System is safe with warranties of up to 25 years. Even after your Contract for the Solar System Finance is finished, your equipment will still have active warranties in place.

Free Module-level Monitoring

Module-level Monitoring and Optimization is important to ensure that your asset always performs at its absolute maximum. It also minimizes the maintenance time and effort, because you can pro-actively maintain your System and find irregularities, before they become a problem.

Modular approach

You can always decide to implement your Commercial Solar System Finance Project in several stages – spreading your commitment over the years. 

We also encourage you to realize a part of your Solar System with a Direct Capital Investment from your side to increase the RoI of your asset!

Financing of Renewable Energy Systems summarized

We have summarized all information around Financing Renewable Energy Systems for you, so you can grasp everything at a glance.

Capital Outlay: No Capital Outlay required

Savings: Up to 20% immediately

Partial Finance possible: Yes

Payments: Monthly

Escalation: Annually, lower than Electricity

Commercial Clients: Yes

Residential Clients: Not yet

Contract term: 15 years

Commercial Battery Backup Included: No

Commercial Battery Backup Available: Yes

Technology used: SolarEdge

Access to monitoring: Yes

Minimum size: 17kWp Solar Panels

Maximum size: 1,250kWp Solar Panels

Solar System Finance Cape Town