Solar Panels in Cape Town – Buying and Installing

Solar Panels in Cape Town are the main component for Solar Systems and to reduce your Electricity Bill.

With our well-established supply line we are able to offer the following products for your:

1. Poly-crystalline Solar Panels Cape Town

2. Mono-crystalline Solar Panels Cape Town

3. Bi-Facial Solar Panels in Cape Town

We also supply Lithium Batteries, Inverters and Mounting Structure for your PV System! Get in contact with us to get your components or for a fully engineered Turnkey Solar Solution!

Turnkey Solar Panel Systems

We consult, design and install Turnkey Solar Panel Systems!

Solar Panel Cape Town Installation
Solar Panels in Cape Town Buy and Installation

How a PV System works

PV Systems produce Electricity when their Main Components, the PV Modules, are hit by sunlight. It is not sufficient to shine an LED onto them, even though on small Solar Toys the principle works.

PV Modules are made of atoms that have either 7 or 1 Electrons in their outer shell, making them “restless” and search for a partner atom to fill their outer shell. When a highly charged Proton hits these atoms, some of their Electrons are kicked out of their electron shell and are free.

The silver lines on each PV Module attract these Electrons and carry them to the inverter. Your Inverter converts the DC Electricity from the PV Panels to AC Power, which can be used to power appliances in your house.

Solar Panels –  color explained

The color of each PV Module tells you about its efficiency. The darker the cells inside the panel are, the more efficient it is. The dark color means that less wave-lengths of light are reflected away and are absorbed by the PV Panel. 

However, the darker color also means that the cells get hotter and that leads to a reduced Power Output. 

If you are not sure what type of PV Panel is the right choice for you, get in contact with us and we will assist you in finding the perfect choice for you.