How we ensure your peace-of-mind


Every client gets detailed attention and a personal visit on site to discuss all aspects of the Solar System and make sure there are no hidden and unexpected costs.

Design and Planning

Every client has different needs – no system fits everyone. With great attention to detail we will design a Solar Power System that fits your requirement 100%.


Our teams have extensive training for carrying out work on clients’ roofs and inside their houses. 

We don’t compromise on the quality of any of our components.

Monitoring and Service

All of our Solar Power Systems are equipped with remote monitoring and control. With pro-active alerts and maintenance we ensure our systems uptime.

Providing quality-driven Products and Services for over a decade

Treetops Renewable Energy Systems is the leading Turnkey Solar Power System provider for residential, commercial and industrial clients.Treetops steadily strives to improve and to push the boundaries of “conventional” Solar Power Systems.

As one of the first, Treetops has implemented an interface between Solar Panels and a Diesel Generator to build Micro-Grids incorporating:

Solar Panels

Lithium Battery Storage

Diesel Backup Generators

Municipal / National Electricity Grid

Other Electricity Sources like Wind Energy

We turn your roof into an asset

Treetops offers Renewable Energy Finance for businesses to turn their roof into a profitable asset without purchasing the Solar System. Businesses can save up to 20% on the electricity the Solar System is replacing.