Tesla Powerwall 2 in Cape Town is now available

Tesla Powerwall 2 in Cape Town enables people access to one of the most advanced Home Energy Storage Systems on the Market. 

Powerwall 2 can be retro-fitted to any existing Solar System and presents a cost-efficient and industry leading Load-Shedding-Protection and Night-time Energy Storage.

Save more than 80% on your electricity bill

Combine your Home Battery with a Solar System to become Energy Independent and reduce your electricity bill significantly.

Our qualified Consultants will assist you to evaluate your electricity consumption and propose the best Energy Solution for your requirement.

Industry leading Remote Online Monitoring via Android and iOS App!

We are offering Special Deals on Tesla Powerwall 2 Systems!

Tesla Powerwall 2 explained

You can connect to any Solar System and reduce your overall electricity bill by more than 80% every year.

Energy Storage with 13.5kWh capacity

Excess Solar Power can be stored in your Battery. 

If you don’t have a Solar System connected, Tesla Powerwall 2 will recharge from the grid.

Renewable Energy for your property

Combine your Tesla Battery with a Solar System and supply your whole property with Renewable Energy – even at night and during Load-Shedding!

Tesla Powerwall 2 is affordable

Cost-efficient Energy Storage

Good quality does not have to be expensive. Tesla provides you with outstanding quality at affordable prices.

Backup Power for Load-shedding

No Power? No Problem. With Battery Power can operate your Home and Office during Load-Shedding and Power Failiures.

Industry-leading Remote Monitoring

With state-of-the-art remote monitoring you always know what is happening inside your Home and Office.

Are you keen to go Tesla?

We want to empower you to design your own Tesla Powerwall 2 Solar System and share your design with us so we can make it happen.

Please note that the Tesla Powerwall 2 can't supply true 3-phase appliances. Our consultants will gladly assist you in identifying these appliances and provide a solution for them.


Please only apply 1 option.





According to recommended Battery size


Including Installation, Commissioning, Training and registration with the Municipality

Disclaimer: This tool does not represent a valid quote from Treetops Renewable Energy Systems cc.
All information and values provided by this tool are subject to site inspection and client consultation. However, we are confident that our actual quote will positively surprise you.

All Information about the Tesla Battery


Height: 1,150mm
Width: 753mm
Depth: 147mm

Weight: 114kg

Storage Capacity

The Battery has a capacity of 13.5kWh available.

It is certified for a 100% DoD on a daily basis.

Power output

Tesla Powerwall 2 supply 5kW continuously.

For brief periods it can peak at 7kW.


Tesla offers a 10-year warranty for its battery.

This means 10 years peace of mind for you.

Data Sheet

Backup Gateway Data Sheet

Information Flyer

Consultation and Installation only by certified Installers

Treetops is a Certified Installer for Tesla Powerwall 2. 

All of our Consultants and Installation Teams are trained by Tesla to ensure that all your Energy Independence Project is going to be successful.

Quality assurance and control by the manufacturer

Tesla ensures full compliance and highest quality for every installation. Treetops, as Certified Installer, provides detailed pictures and diagrams for each installation for review and approval.

This your peace of mind about your Renewable Energy System.

Treetops is a certified installer for the Tesla Powerwall 2

Our Tesla Powerwall 2 Installations

The Crayfish Lodge in Gansbaai benefits from full Energy Independence with 11kWp of Solar Panels and 2x Tesla Powerwall 2 – with a total Energy Storage of 28kWh.

Both Batteries are mounted on the wall and are connected to 2 separate phases to maximize the backed-up appliances.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation in Cape Town

This Family Home in Claremont has now forgotten what Load-Shedding is. All appliances but the oven, stove and geyser are powered by this Tesla Home Battery.

The Battery is standing on the floor, even though we have used the mounting bracket against the wall to improve stability.

Tesla Powerwall 2 in a Home in Claremont - Cape Town

Another installation of the First Generation Powerwall at the Ocean Lounge Guest House in Camps Bay.

The Owner decided that a reduced electricity bill and backup for his guests during Load-shedding are an excellent added value for his Business.

Residential PV System with Tesla Powerwall for Camps bay

The Generation 1 of Tesla’s Home Battery is still an amazing system and reduces the electricity bill of this family in Constantia by 75% per annum.

The Powerwall is connected to a 5.5kWp SolarEdge grid-tied System, which produces more than 9,000kWh per annum.

Tesla Home Battery in Constantia - Cape Town

Find out if Tesla Powerwall 2 the right choice for you!

Tesla Powerwall 2 is one of the most versatile Lithium Batteries for your Solar System available on the market. You can add the Battery to any existing inverter with Solar Panels – or simply run it as a UPS Solution for your Home or Office. 

With Tesla Powerwall 2 you can store excess Solar Power produced by your Solar Panels and use that Electricity during night-time, power failures and load-shedding. If you don’t have any Solar Panels connected to your Powerwall 2, it will operate in “Backup Only” mode and recharge from the Municipal or National Grid to prepare your Home or Office for the next Power Failure.

The versatility of Tesla Powerwall 2 makes it a great choice for your Solar System with a Battery to reduce your Electricity Bill.

Tesla Powerwall 2 in Cape Town IP67 Certified

Another outstanding feature of the Tesla Battery is its IP65 certification, enabling it to be mounted outside of your house. This makes Tesla Powerwall 2 the perfect Battery to be included into your outside entertaining area design – the Battery sure is an eye catcher!

How much does Tesla Powerwall cost?

Approximate cost for Turnkey Tesla Powerwall 2 Backup Installation: ZAR150,000.00 excl. VAT (subject to exchange rate)

Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery – Cost ZAR110,900.00 excluding VAT

Tesla Powerwall 2 Gateway – Cost ZAR18,250.00 excluding VAT

Battery and Gateway combined – Cost ZAR129,150.00 excl. VAT

Treetops provides a full turnkey solution and will facilitate Installation and Registration of your Tesla Powerwall 2 System. Depending on your specific Installation, a tailored quotation will be provided to you after visiting the site. The Quotation will include Installation, Registration and Miscallenous Components like wiring, without any hidden costs.

Our most recent projects

Commercial Tesla Powerwall 2 Backup System
We help your business to stay online during power outages. Our client purchased a first phase of 2x Tesla Powerwall 2 Backup Units for their Call Centre operation. It enables them to continuously provide support when needed. Do you want to protect your business against load-shedding? We offer custom solutions […]
Double Tesla Powerwall 2 with 10kWp Solar Panels
What’s better than 1 Tesla Powerwall 2?Correct, 2x Tesla Powerwall 2! After piloting the concept with this client for 8 months, he was impressed with the performance of the system and our workmanship. He upgraded his System and enabled himself to be fully off-grid for 8 months of the year […]
Cape Town Home Off-grid System
We are making sure that the next load-shedding is not catching you off guard.Our client installed a 9.8kWp Solar System, paired with 60kWh of state-of-the-art Lithium Batteries. The family is saving more than R40,000.00 every year and has completely forgotten what load-shedding feels like.If you also had enough of raising […]
It’s Freedom Won Friday! We are extremely proud of this project in Somerset West, Cape Town. Our client has an ambitious requirement (100kWh per day) and trusted us to evaluate, design and implement a suitable Solar System to match not only his requirement, but also to match and exceed his […]
It’s Freedom-Won Friday! This laundry has been converted into a small power station that is providing substantial cost-saving and load-shedding protection to this guest house in Durbanville. It is important for guest houses to cater for international clients, who are not familiar with load-shedding – and especially business clients require […]
Happy Tesla Tuesday from Treetops! Tesla Powerwall 2 is a great choice for your Home Backup System. You can install the Battery by itself to provide you relief of load-shedding and upgrade it to a Solar System at a later stage. We are preparing all of our installations to be […]
Tesla Powerwall 2 is one of the most advanced Battery Storage Systems in the South African Market and generates big interest because of its name and design. Treetops is a Certified Installer for Tesla Powerwall 2 and we received a Special Performance Award from Tesla in 2020 for the installation […]
We are extremely proud to engage with clients that have an ambitious goal and to be chosen to assist them with a turnkey solution that includes consultation, planning, installation and registration with the municipality. Everything is handled by our motivated in-house team of engineers, electricians and municipality-whisperers! We are looking […]
Solar Power System with Tesla Powerwall 2 in Hout Bay, Cape Town
Our client is now energy independent with 6.4kWp of the latest 535W JA Solar Panels and 1x Tesla Powerwall 2. Most of his house remains on during load-shedding and he certainly does not have to worry about his electricity bill anymore. We are proud to have helped him becoming Energy […]
200kWp Solar System with SolarEdge
One of our commercial Solar Systems is coming up for an anniversary. So far we have installed 200kWp on this project and the owners are saving R450,000.00 every year, escalating by 13% with the most recent electricity price increases. Phase 1 started off with 100kWp, phase 2 with an additional […]
Tesla Powerwall 2 Solar System Cape Town
Our client is saving over R1,500 per month and has power during load-shedding by using 7kWp of Solar Panels and 1x Tesla Powerwall 2. When will you become Energy Independent?
Solar Panel System in Langebaan
Our client in Langebaan has reduced his electricity bill by over 70% with his Solar System. We have installed 14x 455W Solar Panels with 2x 3kW grid-tied inverters and 1x Tesla Powerwall 2. Energy Independence with industry-leading quality from Tesla and Treetops. When will your Energy Independence start?
10kW Solar System Cape Town
This 10kW Solar System in Cape Town provides an average of 55kWh per day to the clients home. They are using most of the electricity during daytime and store excess electricity in their Tesla Powerwall 2. The 10kW Solar System is built with the industry-leading technology of SolarEdge. It offers […]
Solar System in Cape Town for Homes
You can save over 80% of your annual electricity bill with a Solar System and a Solar Battery like Tesla Powerwall 2. When will YOUR energy independence start?
This family in Newlands made the statement to not be affected anymore by load-shedding and electricity price increases. The Solar System consists of the latest 28x 320W Mono Perc Solar Panels, totaling 8.96kWp of Solar Power Capacity. With 2x 15kWh Lithium Batteries from Freedom Won they can use their Solar […]
Tesla Powerwall 2 with Solar Power
The Crayfish Lodge in Gansbaai decided to become fully Energy Independent with the Tesla Powerwall 2. With their Solar Panel Upgrade on its way, Crayfish Lodge will have a 16.16kWp Solar System, optimised by SolarEdge, and 3x Tesla Powerwall 2 with 3x Tesla 2 Gateways to ensure that most of […]
Commercial Solar System in Cape Town
Our client decided to build a commercial Solar System for his Business to gain competitive advantage and reduce his electricity bill. To assist with cashflow, we have split the commercial Solar System into 3 phases to implement one phase each year for 3 consecutive years. Each phase consists of a […]
Residential High-Efficiency Solar System with Tesla Powerwall
The Solar System consists of 5.4kWp of Solar Panels and a 7kWh Battery. By combining SolarEdge, the leading grid-tied inverter manufacturer, with the Tesla Powerwall 1, this client enjoys a vastly reduced electricity bill, as well as protection against Load-shedding. The combination of Solar Power and a Lithium Battery reduces […]
Residential Solar System in Hout Bay
Treetops built a Large-scale Residential Solar System in Hout Bay consisting of 15kWp of Solar Panels, a 40kWh Lithium Battery and a 10kVA inverter. The property offers tranquil gardens and produces vegetables for its owners and neighbours. The Solar System reduces the electricity bill of the owner by more than […]
Residential Solar System in Durbanville
This beautiful home in Durbanville, Cape Town, reduced their electricity bill by more than R3,000 per month. Treetops has conducted a detailed Energy Study to size this Solar Power System exactly to the clients’ needs. The Solar System consists of 9.52kWp of Solar Panels, a 20kWh Lithium Battery from Freedom […]

Tesla Powerwall 2 – all information summarized

Dimensions: 1,150mm x 753mm x 147mm (45.3in x 29.7in x 6.1in)

Weight: 114kg (251lbs)

Electricity Storage Capacity: 13.5kWh usable Capacity / 14kWh total Capacity

Power: 5kW continuous Power Output / 7kW Peak Power Output for up to 30 minutes

Warranty: 10 Years

Mounting options: Wall-mounted or Floor-mounted

Outside mounting: Yes

Round-trip Efficiency: 90%

Operating Temperature: –20°C to 50°C

Recommended Temperature: 0°C to 30°C (exceeding these Temperatures, Tesla Powerwall 2 will start reducing its Power Output to protect itself)

Electric Connection: Single-phase

Cost for Tesla Powerwall 2: ZAR110,900.00 excl. VAT

Cost for Tesla Gateway: ZAR18,250.00 excl. VAT (can connect up to 10 Batteries)

Combined cost: ZAR129,150.00 excl. VAT