A Solar Battery System will be your preferred option for Solar Power, if you want to maximize your Energy Independence. It protects you against power failures and load-shedding and enables you to get the maximum yield and benefit out of your PV System.

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Residential Solar Battery System, no more load-shedding

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What is a Solar Battery System?

The difference, compared to a grid-tied PV System, is the more complex inverter and the added Battery. The inverter should have an integrated transformer. This enables it to seamlessly supply electricity from the Solar Battery in case of a power failure. Excess Solar Power produced during the day is stored in the battery for night-time, power failures and high loads. By combining the power supply of your Solar Modules and the Battery you will be even less reliant on public grid power. 

There is a wide range of Solar Batteries on the market, but only a few are actually suitable to be put into a Solar Battery System into your house.

Calcium Battery
Life span 3 – 5 years, low price
This Battery should only be used for small 12V or 24V kits to power lights and a camping fridge. If you use the battery for cycling on a daily basis, the life span will drastically decrease.

Lead-acid Battery
Life span 5 – 10 years, medium to high price
Lead-acid is one of the most common batteries used for Residential Solar Systems in Cape Town. This technology consists of big and heavy battery blocks, which are connected in series, as well as parallel, to achieve your required capacity. 

Lithium Battery
Life span 10 – 20+ years, low price
Lithium revolutionized the market for Solar Battery Systems. It provides you with compact, long lasting and highly efficient storage power. All of our residential grid-interactive PV Systems are build with a Lithium Battery. For the residential market we can easily provide Lithium Batteries with a capacity of up to 200kWh. Thanks to the increased efficiency all components of the Solar System can be designed smaller, leading to an overall smaller cost, compared to lead-acid systems!
Treetops is a Main Distributor for Freedom Won Lithium Batteries in Cape Town and the Western Cape!

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Design your own Solar Battery System

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Working in conjunction with the SSEG?

Private Solar Battery System to live off the grid

Similarly to the grid-tied PV Systems you can also join the Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) Scheme of your municipality, if one is available. In this case your surplus electricity in the day, which can’t be stored in your batteries, can be used to feed it back into the grid. This way you can increase your financial benefit even further!

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