Treetops is closely connected to Renewable Energy Systems in Cape Town

Within the last years Renewable Energy Systems in Cape Town, especially Solar Systems, became one of the most well-known and wanted topics.

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The pilot project – how Renewable Energy Systems in Cape Town started

Martin Pollack, CEO and founder of Treetops Renewable Energy Systems in Cape Town, used to work at the City of Cape Town as Head of e-communication. In 2007 he started his approach to open up minds and regulations for Photovoltaics, which had been a huge game-changer for the energy market around the world already. Tired of load-shedding, Martin Pollack used his own house in Meadowridge as a pilot project. Antony Keen and Ivan Kohler joined him with the approach and installed a Solar System in their houses as well. All information provided by these 3 PV Systems have been used to create what we know now as the SSEG (Small Scale Embedded Generation) rules and tariffs of the City of Cape Town.

For Martin Pollack and the team of Treetops it was clear, that Renewable Energy Systems in Cape Town are going play an important role and have to be supported. South Africa has almost double the amount of solar irradiation than Germany. So it seems logical that we continue in South Africa what was started in Germany.

What can Solar Power do for you?

Infrared Heater with Picture

Photovoltaics is clean and very affordable electricity, which can be used by each and every one of us. It produces electricity without the need of any input material like coal, oil or uranium. There is no emission of CO2, only clean and environmentally friendly electricity. And best of all: It is free! After your first investment of installing a Renewable Energy System (your Declaration of Energy Independence), your “fuel” comes for free. Because the sun shines every day and does not send an invoice!

With Renewable Energy Systems in Cape Town you can reduce your electricity drastically! Even heating can be covered, if you use the correct technologies. With our Infrared Heaters you can invite the feeling of sunshine into your home, even at night!

  • Instead of heating air, like conventional heaters, they will heat up every firm body in their range, including you. It is the comfortable feeling like sunshine is providing and results in a much more efficient and natural heat in your home.
  • Through our German supply line we offer you Infrared Heaters made in Germany with highest quality and efficiency.
  • There are endless possibilities to personalize and to make them fit into the design of your home

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How will Renewable Energy in Cape Town develop?

The photovoltaic industry changes and develops continuously and offers more and more solutions, to suit every customer. With our Lithium Batteries you can upgrade your home to a load-shedding-free and power-failure-free zone, which produces its own electricity for a lower price than your municipality. Most of our Renewable Energy Systems make use of Lithium Batteries to maximize YOUR benefit of the system and Energy Independence.

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Residential Photovoltaic System in Constantia, Cape Town

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