The most complete and advanced Solar System in the world – SolarEdge Home Hub

SolarEdge is the world leader of the Solar Industry

More Power and Backup Capacity through Smart Home Integration

One Solution for your Home to cover your current and future requirements

Treetops is longest standing partner of SolarEdge in South Africa and one of few companies able to offer this solution to our clients

Smarter Living with the SolarEdge Home System in Cape Town
Longest Warranties in the Industry

The optimised System from SolarEdge allows Home Owners and Businesses in Cape Town and South Africa to get the maximum benefit for their Equipment.

  • 25 years warranty on Power Optimisers
  • 12 years warranty on Inverters (can be upgraded to 20 years)
  • 10 years warranty on Lithium Batteries with UNLIMITED Cycles guaranteed at 70% retention of capacity after 10 years

Future Proof and reliable Power

Both, Treetops and SolarEdge, understand that your requirements change over the years to come and your Solar System needs to be ready for that change. With various add-ons and the luxury to add or replace any Solar Panel at any time you will be prepared for what is to come.

Highest Efficiency through DC Coupling

The SolarEdge Home Hub System is built around efficiency. It reduces unnecessary conversion losses. The Home Hub is designed and built by 1 company and operates at the highest possible efficiency at all times. This leads to an increased efficiency of over 10%, meaning more savings for you.

The Roundtrip efficiency of the Energy Hub is 94.5%!

Highest Solar Panel Yield

The Power Optimisers operate every Solar Panel at maximum efficiency. They even allow shaded panels to operate and leave the remaining panels connected unaffected, which is a major advantage to all other technologies.

Residential Systems can produce and use up to 20% more Solar Power than with other technologies – and increase this value even further when making use of the SolarEdge Smart Home Accessories.

Smart Home Solar System

SolarEdge offers their own and integrated Smart Home Accessories to give you peace of mind during Power Outages. Once configured, the SolarEdge Home Hub will switch off unimportant appliances to conserve your Battery Capacity until the grid returns.

This allows you to put your whole home onto backup and have a powerful system supporting you – ensuring you are not overloading your inverter and are conserving your Battery.

Dynamic Outage Management with SolarEdge

The Home Backup Interface is your ultimate protection and assistant for Power Outages and allows you full control and view of information

Full Remote Access to set preferences

You can set your preferences on what appliances are important what how much backup capacity you require online, from your app.

Managing the Power Outages

You have online access at all times to view the power flows in your home and how much Battery is left. The System will calculate how much time of Backup you have left and give recommendations on how to conserve power.

SolarEdge Home Hub - Outage Management

Prepare for Backup Events

You will receive Notifications and Recommendations for Power Outages and can manually adjust your Backup Reserve Settings

Automatic Revert to Standard after Outages

If your battery is below the minimum Backup Reserve the System will automatically use the grid to recharge and prepare you for the next outage. You will receive a summary of the outage and recommendations for future outages.

Why SolarEdge is the best Choice for you

One Support to assist with problems instead of blaming others

The Number One Company in the World for Solar Power

All Components from One Supplier

One Partner to support you and work with

One Software Suite to control and take care of everything

SolarEdge Home Summary