SolarEdge – World Market Leader for power optimisation of Solar Power

  • Suitable for residential and commercial systems as well as Solar Parks 
  • Up to 25% more energy yield due to module level optimisation
  • Module level monitoring and fault finding from your computer or smartphone
  • Public display of your Solar System with the SolarEdge Kiosk
  • No restrictions when building your system. You can mix different orientations, power classes and module technologies in the same string without losing power!
  • SafeDCTM fire protection (automatic shutdown of your photovoltaic system to 1V per solar module, making it safe for firemen to extinguish the fire)
  • Up to 25 years warranty on inverter and optimizers!
  • Use the full potential of solar power!

With higher energy yields, flexible solar system design, module-level PV monitoring and safety shutdown SolarEdge is setting standards. You benefit – thanks to Treetops Renewable Energy Systems and SolarEdge – from flexible solar system design without technical restrictions. Maximum use of your roof space. Little installation effort. Low maintenance costs and maximum security. SolarEdge is your best choice for residential and commercial grid-tied Solar Systems.

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SolarEdge schematic optimisation

What makes SolarEdge special?

Power Optimiser

The SolarEdge power optimizer can be connected to every solar module. Alternatively it can also replace the junction box of a solar module, reducing the overall system costs on residential solar systems. The power optimizer maximises the energy yield of every single solar module with continuous MPP-Tracking, submitting all information to the SolarEdge monitoring portal. These optimisers are responsible for the unique SafeDCTM feature, which reduces the voltage to 1V per module as soon as the solar inverter is switched off, the connection to the grid is interrupted or the temperature sensor alerts of too high temperature (as in case of a fire).

When it comes to designing your system you are usually limited to one type of solar modules. SolarEdge enables you to connect solar modules of different sizes, power classes and technologies together in one system, offering you to fit the maximum available solar power on your roof. This is possible because the power optimisers ensure a constant string voltage, making the inverter work at the maximum efficiency.

Solar Inverter

The SolarEdge PV inverter converts the direct current (DC) from your solar modules into altering current (AC) which is used in your house. Because of the constant string voltage, which is regulated by the power optimiser, the inverter operates at all times at 98% efficiency.

Due to the decentralisation of the MPPT the SolarEdge inverters are light weight and easy to install. The simple design guarantees maximum reliability and an increased life span compared to normal solar inverters. All that combined with intelligent digital controls leads to higher energy yields and a warranty of 12 years, which can be expanded up to 25 years.

With an integrated data logger the information from each power optimiser is collected, processed and forwarded to the SolarEdge monitoring portal. Based on these information you are offered power analysis and the automatic localisation and report of faults. All these information are accessible via your computer or smartphone!

SolarEdge explained

Your benefits summarised

  • SolarEdge inverters are perfectly matched for working with power optimisers
  • Highest efficiency of 98%
  • Maximum reliability with standard warranty of 12 years, expandable to 25 years
  • Easy handling, low weight, simple installation
  • Integrated data logger for module level monitoring
  • Internet connection either via Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi module
  • IP65 certification – for installations outside and inside

We would like to invite you to convince yourself about the quality of SolarEdge. Have a look at one of our sites or come and contact us for more information.

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Have a look at our SolarEdge Systems!

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SolarEdge - optimise your Solar System