Treetops Renewable Energy Systems is one of the Main Distributors for Freedom Won Lithium Batteries in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Order now!

FreedomWon Lithium Solar Battery Distribution

Freedom Won is a South African manufacturer of Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteries (LiFePO4 or LFP). It is the most stable and temperature resistant Lithium composition available in stationary batteries and offers a long cycle life. The Batteries are ranging in size from:

  • 5kWh to 30kWh for Residential use
  • 40kWh to 80kWh for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • 100kWh to 700kWh for Commercial use
  • 800kWh to 2500kWh for Industrial use

All units can be paralleled with a same-sized battery up to 7 times. This enables for a maximum of 17,500kWh Battery in standard configuration. On request we can arrange for custom-built battery units to your specification and will assist with technical and design support.

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Buy Freedom Won for your Solar Battery Systems

Lithium-Iron-Phosphate is the most suitable Lithium composition for your Solar Battery System. The local warranty of 10 years, combined with the expected life time of over 15 years, provides you with future proof backup against power failures and load-shedding.

Freedom Won Battery to live off the grid

Some homes require large-scale batteries. We can assist!

The batteries support all common types of inverter communications like CAN-Bus, but are also able to be retro-fitted to analogue inverters with Voltage Control. The batteries are equipped with an internal BMS (Battery Management System) that can take over the complete control of charging and discharging via the inverter or MPPT. The best integrated support to inverters are given via CAN-Bus to MLT Inverters and Victron.

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Other products and applications

Residential Solar Battery System, no more load-shedding

Freedom Won Lithium Batteries are the future of residential Electricity Storage.

12V Lead-acid Replacement

If you have an existing installation, built for the form factor of lead-acid batteries, we can assist by suppling you identically sized batteries, made of Lithium! We are offering sizes down to 7.5Ah Lithium Batteries, which can be used for alarm systems. Once installed, these batteries will last for over 15 years.

Forklift and Golf-cart electrification

We can provide you with battery alternatives to lead-acid and supply a much longer-lasting and cost-efficient alternative. Forklifts running on Diesel or Gas can be converted to electric completely!

Car starter batteries

You can convert your car starter battery to Lithium and stop worrying, if your car will start after not using it for a couple of days.

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