Commercial Solar Systems in Cape Town

Commercial Solar Systems are a great Investment Opportunity for Business owners and offer big saving potential through external financing.

Reduce your electricity bill by up to 20% Treetops’ Renewable Energy Finance.

Investment Opportunity

Most businesses main operation hours are during daytime, which enable you to gain the maximum benefit from Photovoltaics. Depending on your exact operating hours and electricity tariff, a commercial Solar System can reduce your annual electricity expense by over 80%.

The escalation of electricity prices promises to increase your Return on your Investment over the years exponentially. With our commercial Solar Systems we realize a 16% or higher Return on Investment for our clients in the first year, escalating every year alongside the electricity tariff.

Reduce your Electricity Bill

You produce your own electricity during daytime and supply your office, factory or farm with electricity, instead of purchasing it from your Municipality or Eskom.

Less Carbon-Tax with Solar Energy

South Africa’s main electricity production is realized by coal, which emits approx 0.5kg of CO2 per kWh. Solar Power does not produce CO2 at all.

Business Continuity with Battery Storage

If your operating hours are also during night-time or you can’t afford power outages at all, use a Commercial Solar Battery System to become Energy Independent.

Return escalates annually

As the Cost of Electricity increases every year, the return of your Commercial Solar System escalates as well.

Gain competitive advantage

Photovoltaics are an attractive possibility to gain advantage over competition. Reduce your input costs and be less reliant on external factors like electricity price increases or reliable electricity supply

Fixed electricity price

Commercial Solar Systems produce electricity at a levelized cost of less than R0.30 over 25 years.

Business Continuity

Load-shedding? No Problem!
Treetops offers utility-scale and UPS-grade Battery Solutions.

Make use of SSEG Tariffs

Cape Town and other Municipalities are accepting your excess Solar Electricity and credit you for it.

Less Carbon Footprint

By reducing your carbon footprint you ensure a more sustainable future and a reduction in your carbon tax.

8 Steps towards your Energy Independence

1. First client consultation

We would love to visit you at your premises and get to know your exact requirement and the situation at your building.

Use the contact form on our website or email us directly to get the conversation started!

2. Feasbility Study

After we got to know your requirements, we will use up to 12 months of your electricity bill to create an Energy Profile of your business.

This enables us to provide you with several options for your Commercial Solar System – and we will also provide you with a Feasibility Study for all of them.

We are very conscious of the Energy Situation in South Africa and will always consider offering you a Battery Solution for Business Continuity

3. Design & Application

After you have decided, which option will suit your mid-term and long-term goals best, we will create a detailed 3D Layout for your project and provide a detailed and final quotation. 

Before starting the installation we will apply to the local Municipality or Eskom for your project and ensure compliance with the regulations at all times.

Most of our clients choose to fund their Commercial Solar System with a Direct Capital Investment themselves or using their own credit provider.

We gladly offer our own finance for your Project and install the Solar System for a monthly rental – which costs up to 20% less than the electricity the Solar System is saving for you.

5. Installation

Depending on your Project Size, the installation time can take 1 – 4 weeks for up to 500kWp or 5 – 10 weeks for up to 1,200kWp. 

If materials have to be ordered from one of our international suppliers, an additional lead-time does apply.

We will discuss the exact time frame of your Commercial Solar System Installation in our final proposal to you.

6. Commissioning

After our qualified teams have finished the physical installation for you, our engineers do an additional inspection and test to ensure full functionality and compliance.

Once all tests are passed, we will commission your new Photovoltaic System and make you Energy Independent.

7. Handover and close-out

You will receive detailed documentation about your Commercial Solar System and access to the remote monitoring that we install for all of our projects.

We always strive to provide the best service. To ensure we keep up our good work, we would like to have a feedback meeting with you.

8. Maintenance

Our Remote Monitoring is equipped with the most detailed reporting possibilities, which enable us to act within days should a problem occur.

By using the latest AI Algorithms we also ensure that pro-active maintenance like cleaning is only carried out, once necessary and financially feasible for you.

Reduce your monthly Electricity Bill

Solar Only

By installing a Commercial Solar System you can reduce your monthly electricity bill by over 80%.

Solar and Battery

Don’t rely on outside factors anymore for your Electricity Supply. Have Energy Security with a combination of Solar Panels and Batteries.

Treetops Finance

Treetops offers its own Solar Energy Finance. With a monthly rental for your Solar Panels you can save up to 20% on your electricity bill without investing your own money.

Design your own Commercial Solar System

We are looking forward to receiving your Commercial Solar System Design. 
Once you have completed your Design, please fill in your credentials and submit the form to us.

Our qualified Consultants are looking forward to receiving your Information.

Please only apply one option!



Including Installation, Commissioning, Training and registration with the Municipality


Disclaimer: This tool does not represent a valid quote from Treetops Renewable Energy Systems cc.
All information and values provided by this tool are subject to site inspection and client consultation. However, we are confident that our actual quote will positively surprise you.

Commercial Solar System Installations by Treetops

Treetops has successfully implemented almost 2MWp of commercial Solar Systems in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

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