Solar Power

Solar Power or Sun Energy is the future for South Africa. You can produce your own electricity right at your Home and at Work. 

Treetops provides full turnkey PV Systems, including advanced Lithium Batteries like Tesla Powerwall 2.

Save over 80% of your annual Electricity Bill with PV Panels and Batteries.

You can avoid having load-shedding when storing your Sun Power in Batteries. Become fully Energy Independent!

Solar Power for Daytime

As long as the sun is shining, your PV Panels will produce electricity. Even on cloudy days you will produce electricity – with up to 75% of what you are producing on a clear and sunny day.

Solar Power for Night Time

You can use your own electricity even when the sun doesn’t shine. With Lithium Batteries you can store your electricity for night-time and power failures.

Be inspired by our Solar Power Installations

We are priding ourselves in highest quality products and workmanship to ensure that your investment into Energy Independence will be a success!

Why we are the right company for you

Treetops has a track record of over 11 years in the PV Industry. We have challenged Cape Town on their rules and regulations and piloted the first PV Systems, enabling all Capetonians to build legal Solar Systems with the SSEG regulations. Throughout those 11 years we have always kept our key values at heart:


Cheap purchases will ultimately lead to purchasing twice. All of our equipment and teams undergo strict quality control.


We will establish together with you exactly what your requirement is. This requirement directly translates into the size of your Solar System.


After each installation we remain in contact with our clients. Many questions arise once the System is installed and we will be there for you.

Turnkey Solution

We are providing all services around the full installation and registration of your Solar System. No hidden costs and no surprises.