About us

Treetops – Quality Solar Systems

Treetops is one of the leading Solar Companies and system integrators for Renewable Energy in Cape Town, with a strong stand in the field of Solar Power (Photovoltaics). We ensure that all requirements are met along the way of the successful implementation of your Renewable Energy Project. Besides residential and commercial Solar Systems, our specialization lies with Solar Battery Systems. We call them: Grid-interactive Solar Systems. 

Our Philosophy

Large residential Solar battery system

Quality of products and client services are the two most important factors to us. We are using different products from around the world, which we have tested extensively. But as a proud South African company we are extremely satisfied with the performance of our technology that is “Made in South Africa” with a local content of over 80%. Both, the power electronics and the batteries, are built to function in our South African climate and our South African electricity supply situation.

A Solar System from Treetops Renewable Energy Systems means that we knew your exact requirements before we started the installation. After completion the System is going to work exactly as you envisioned it to work and you will say goodbye to
– High electricity bills
– Load-shedding
– Continued maintenance of your Solar System
Our systems are all equipped with remote monitoring and long-lasting warranties to ensure your peace-of-mind.

Our achievements

Solar System with batteries in Franschhoek

We have build a solid record since 2009 as one of the first official Solar Companies in Cape Town, with an installed generation capacity of over 2500kWp of Solar Modules, which are supported by over 1700kWh of Battery Storage (end 2018). Our projects range from residential 1kWp to 744kWp industrial Solar Systems.

We have provided hundreds of Solar Kits to our neighboring countries, like Malawi. These clients receive a detailed training on how to install their Solar Components, which enabled them to build their own businesses back in their home. Even after many years we have a close and strong relationship with them.

We steadily strive to stay on top of the latest developments of the Solar Industry and push the boundaries of “conventional installations”. We develop, test and compare new products and technologies and include them into our portfolio. This enables us to achieve even the most complex implementation of Renewable Energies for our clients. We continue, where other Solar Companies stop. Our micro-grids for large commercial clients are becoming the most frequently asked systems in our offering.