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Solar Battery System in Constantia with BenQ high-efficiency 330Wp Solar Modules and 60kWh Freedom Won Lithium Battery

Solar Battery System in Constantia with BenQ 330Wp and Freedom Won 60kWhThe owners contacted us about the possibility of reducing their monthly cost with Solar Power and we gladly assisted them. Before we started, we did an energy audit at their house and identified potential to reduce their demand, before spending money on a Photovoltaic System. We reduced their electricity bill by over 60%, just by making them energy efficient!

After this first and very important step, we were monitoring their consumption habits very closely and designed their Solar System in Constantia around our monitoring information. The PV System is facing north-west and north-east, which enables the owners to harvest the early morning and late afternoon sun and increase their savings!
We used BenQ high-efficiency Solar Modules with a power rating of 330Wp, to provide the right amount of Solar Power on this limited roof space. This 15.84kWp System is supported by a 60kWh Lithtium-Iron-Phosphate Battery from Freedom Won, our South African partner for Solar Batteries.

The combined benefit of our Energy Efficiency measures and our Photovoltaic System sum up to a total reduction of their annual electricity bill of over 90%. As an additional bonus, this family is protected against load-shedding and power failures, because the Solar Battery will provide their house with electricity even when the grid is failing!

Our Solar Battery System in Constantia reduces the client’s CO2 emission by more than 12t per annum!

Grid-tied industrial Photovoltaic System in Lansdowne, optimised and monitored by SolarEdge, German 260Wp Solar Modules

Grid-tied PV System in Lansdowne with SolarEdge optimisation

This clothing factory decided to gain a competitive advantage to its competitors. The company is running completely on “free” Solar Power during the day and feeds back electricity during weekends and holidays. With the SSEG Tariff every kWh, which is put back into the grid, is being credited to the account and reduces the electricity bill even further.

To maximise his benefit of this PV System, the owner decided to install the superior optimisation technology of SolarEdge. With free module-level monitoring and optimisation the Solar System is producing up to 25% more electricity, compared to similar installations without this technology.
We used German 88kWp of IBC Solar Modules with 260Wp each for this installation, to ensure long lasting quality.

We also added a benefit to the company with the complete conversion to LED lights, which added a significant reduction to their electricity bill.

Our Energy Efficiency measures and our Solar System in Lansdowne reduce the annual electricity bill of the business by over 70% and enabled the owner to expand and employ more people. We are proud to be a part of this development!

This commercial Solar System reduces the client’s CO2 emission by more than 70t per annnum!

Solar Battery System in Constantia with 35kWp of mono-crystalline Solar Panels and 160kWh Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Battery

Largest Residential Solar System South Africa

This Photovoltaic System was designed, engineered and installed in Constantia during the high load-shedding times.
Our task was to reduce the electricity bill of the client as far as we could, provide them with a large and reliable Solar Battery bank and integrate their Generator into the System.

We used German IBC mono-crystalline PV Modules with 280Wp to suite the aesthetics of the owners house and to provide the maximum possible Solar Power. The total installed PV System Size is 22.44kWp. A system upgrade was conducted to increase the size of the Solar Array to 35kWp and almost eliminate reliability to the grid of the client.

The Solar System is supported by a 160kWh Battery Bank from our South African partner Freedom Won. It provides the owners with the maximum usage and benefit of their Solar Power and protects them from load-shedding and power failures.
Additionally we engineered an implementation of the client’s existing generator, which will provide electricity for extended periods of high electricity consumption during power failures.

Our residential Photovoltaic System in Constantia reduces the client’s CO2 emission by more than 15t per annum.

Micro-grid for Agricultural PV System, German IBC poly-crystalline Solar Modules 260Wp, optimised by SolarEdge and integration of Generator to increase electricity demand in Ceres

Micro-grid PV System in Ceres with SolarEdge optimisation, Lithium Battery and Generator

One of our most exciting Photovoltaic Systems is located in Ceres.

Our client is a big fruit processor and requires a big amount of power to run all appliances, especially fridges. The municipal supply is limited and can’t be extended, which is limiting the growth of the company.
We engineered the solution for this problem, by combining many possible sources of electricity production.

This Pilot project is a 55kWp Solar System in Ceres, which is backed up by a Generator. During daytime the produced Solar Power increases the production capability by 20%! This enabled our client to grow his company and employ more people.
In case of a power failure the generator will start and provide 100% of the required power. Once proper operation has been established, an intelligent controller reduces the load from the Generator and starts up the Solar System. This saves a significant amount of Diesel!

Phase 2 of this project will increase the size of the Photovoltaic System to over 200kWp and add a Lithium Battery Bank to the Micro-grid. The stored electricity will be used to avoid electricity purchases during the peak times and provide a CO2 neutral solution to power failures.

Our PV System in Ceres reduces the client’s CO2 emission by over 40t per annum.

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