Our Partners

Strong partners for strong Solar Systems

We have build a strong connection with our key partners in the Solar Industry, since our start in 2009. Already then we knew, that our Systems can only be as good as we and our partners are. When you decide to become energy independent with a Solar System from us, we want you to have piece of mind. No bad surprises, only your tailor-made Solar System with a smooth installation. 

Freedom Won | Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LFP) Batteries made in South Africa

FreedomWon Lithium Solar Battery Distribution

Freedom Won is a South African manufacturer of Lithium Batteries. These batteries have the most suitable chemical composition for Home Battery Storage. By using Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePo4) the Battery performs better in hot conditions and has an increased life-expectancy of over 15 years. With Freedom Won we proudly have a South African partner for most reliable Systems.
Treetops is one of the Main Distributors of Freedom Batteries in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

MLT Inverters | Local inverters for the best cure against Load-shedding

MLT Inverters has been our strategic partner in Cape Town since 2009. Developing, engineering and supplying off-grid and grid-interactive, 1-phase and 3-phase Solar inverter technologies. We are proud of our South African local partner, who provides us with many advantages. The market for Renewable Energies in Cape Town is very competitive. With MLT inverters we are able to suit and meet all local challenges and provide your with a reliable and affordable PV Systems made in South Africa.

SolarEdge Technologies | The best grid-tied Solar Technology on the market

SolarEdge is a technology company, which has revolutionized the industry. Instead of connecting PV Modules in series, they use power-optimizers to parallel them. This enables us to use even partially shaded roofs and maximize your electricity yield.
Another distinct advantage is the detailed and module-level monitoring, which comes free with your PV System.
And best of all: SolarEdge power electronics come with warranties from 10 to 25 years.

S-Flex | German Engineering for highest quality mounting structure

Solar Mounting Structure made in Germany S-Flex

S-Flex is our German supplier for mounting structure of Photovoltaic Systems with several decades of experience. All of our Solar Systems are approved by the design engineers. After a quality check our systems are approved with the 10-year warranty of S-Flex.