Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial Solar Systems for businesses are currently one of the most viable investments with escalating RoI that are currently available. You are offsetting your monthly electricity bill with your own Solar Electricity and pay only a fraction per kWh of what will be charged on your monthly bill. Businesses can achieve an average RoE of over 30% per annum with a suitably engineered and designed Solar System.

Treetops is one of the leading companies for commercial Solar Systems in Cape Town, with a total installed Photovoltaic System capacity of over 2.5MWp. For many years we are working together with businesses all over Cape Town and the Western Cape to reduce their overhead and running costs by up to 80%!
– Energy Efficiency
– Monitoring and identification of electricity consumption optimisation
– Installing a commercial Solar System to significantly reduce the electricity bill

Financing available

We are offering complete finance for your commercial Solar System. After the vetting process of our financiers we will agree on contract terms and provide you with savings from day 1. This will provide you with immediate savings on your electricity bill of 5-10% without investing anything.

Commercial Solar Systems explained

The City of Cape Town has released their SSEG tariff for residential and commercial clients. The principle behind this is simple: replace your municipal electricity with Solar Power and build a credit on the weekend with the feed-in tariff. This can offset your electricity bill significantly, by more than 75%! The key components to successful commercial Solar Systems are
– Consulting – We identify your potentials and turn them into attractive RoI
– Measuring – We make sure your Solar System won’t be too big or too small to ensure the maximum benefit
– Monitoring – We are keeping an eye on your Solar System and provide you with access as well
– Equipment – Highest quality equipment from around the world ensures maximum performance

With these principles in mind we have successfully implemented over 2500kWp of Photovoltaic Systems and a content of over 75% of Industrial size systems. Our satisfied clients gained competitive advantage through reducing their overhead costs significantly for the next 25+ years. Our commercial Solar Systems will do the same for you. Call or e-mail us now!

Aerial view of an commercial Solar system

Are all commercial systems grid-tied?

Most industrial PV Systems are grid-tied. The permanent connection to the grid is necessary to account for cloudy days and night-time consumption.

However, your Photovoltaic System can reduce your electricity purchases from the municipality. Therefore your electricity bill will decrease as well during daytime by more than 75% on your annual average. Increasing this value to 90% and further is difficult and usually only possible in companies with seasonal work. NERSA does not allow you to become a net-producer, which means you have to buy 1kWh more from the grid than you feed back. A proper consultation from Treetops backed by detailed measurements will ensure the best cost-benefit-ratio for your business.

Battery systems and micro-grids

Load-shedding can become the most impacting event on the success of a business. Especially businesses in the production sector are taking heavy strain due to material losses and the inability to produce during the sudden power failures.

In that scenario it becomes highly viable and financially beneficial couple your Solar System with Batteries, Generators and one of our specifically engineered control-gateways. It can incorporate a generator as well and maintain a high power draw for hours. Your electricity production, even if it exceeds several MVA or power draw, can be reliably backed up without risking another power failure. Sustain your position in the industry and gain competitive advantage by having no downtime during load-shedding.