Solar Systems have become a new standard for Homes and Businesses. Choosing the right Technology, Size […]
134kWp of Solar Panels, a 150kVA Inverter and – the heart piece – 400kWh of Freedom […]
In 2019 we commissioned this beautiful Solar System. At its heart: a 160kWh Freedom Won SA […]
Smart Homes are becoming the standard for new homes and are retro-fitted many houses. At Treetops […]
One of the first Upgrades of the year! The house that we installed the original system […]
Our Treetops Teams are committed making every Project shine like the sun. Our Clients are not […]
We are excited to roll out the new SolarEdge Home System for our residential clients. #solaredge […]
Cape Town Home Off-grid System
We are making sure that the next load-shedding is not catching you off guard.Our client installed […]
Residential High-Efficiency Solar System with Tesla Powerwall
The Solar System consists of 5.4kWp of Solar Panels and a 7kWh Battery. By combining SolarEdge, […]
Residential Solar Power System with Batteries in Cape Town
This beautiful home in Constantia, Cape Town, reduced their electricity bill by more than R2,000 per […]