Treetops Renewable Energy Systems has been appointed to execute the Solar PV and BESS Project for PathCare’s N1 City Campus. We want to thank PathCare for their trust in our abilities and are looking forward to the successful commissioning of the project.

The System has 2 different tie-in points and a combined capacity of 785kWp of Canadian Solar Inc. Solar Panels – mounted on roofs and carports, 900kVA of Shenzhen Atess Power Technology Co.,Ltd Hybrid Inverters and 1.7MWh of Freedom Won Pty Ltd batteries.

PathCare’s commitment to sustainability will produce over 1.1 Million kWh per year and prevent over 550t of CO2 emissions. The whole N1 City PathCare Campus will be able to operate during load-shedding and cover their daytime electricity demand. Additionally, PathCare will feed surplus Solar Power into the Cape Town grid, providing some much needed Electricity to the Mother city.

We are excited to complete this project in the coming weeks and will share detailed footage and videos. Stay tuned for the upcoming insights!

For more information, visit us on www.treetopssolar.co.za

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