At Treetops we are focusing around Quality and Customer Service. We tailor every system around the requirements of each client and – most importantly – take future growth into account.

Our Treetops Systems are proudly installed with our teams motto: “Every System is a Showcase System” and we ensure that our clients are happy and educated with their new Solar System.

This client decided to use the new High-Voltage FoxESS System with JA Solar Panels. The modular battery stack, combined with 4x MPPT inputs on the inverter will ensure maximum flexibility in future.

What sets Treetops apart?

– Extremely customer centric approach

– Design each system specifically around the requirements of every client

– 24h emergency hotline

– In-House Electrical and Roof Installation Teams

– In-House Electrical Engineering

– In-House Specialist for SSEG Applications for every Municipality, including Eskom

– In-House Technical Support for every Technology

If this sounds good to you, we should start talking about YOUR Solar System.

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