We are excited to roll out the new SolarEdge Home System for our residential clients.

#solaredge is the world leader for High-End Solar Technology and has released the future of Energy Storage with their Home Hub.

SolarEdge Home Hub is a DC Coupled PV System that uses optimisers to maximise the output and monitor each and every Solar Panel. It makes adding and changing Solar Panels as easy as it can be and is the ultimate future-proofing for your Home Solar System.

This client will also make use of the integrated Smart Home Functionality and equip certain appliances in his home with the SolarEdge Plugs and Relays. That allows the Home Hub to take care of his power flow and switch off large consumers to preserve the battery during load-shedding and ensure that he will not sit in the dark.

We are proud to be among the few to offer SolarEdge to our clients and have seen a strong uptake in interest and purchases in the past few weeks. This new and advanced Technology will conquer Cape Town quickly and can be retro-fitted to many systems.

Talk to us about YOUR Energy Future with SolarEdge and find out more on our website: https://treetopssolar.co.za/

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