Double Tesla Powerwall 2 with 10kWp Solar Panels

What’s better than 1 Tesla Powerwall 2?
Correct, 2x Tesla Powerwall 2!

After piloting the concept with this client for 8 months, he was impressed with the performance of the system and our workmanship. He upgraded his System and enabled himself to be fully off-grid for 8 months of the year and is only buying minimal grid-power during the rainy Cape Town winter.

His System consists of 2x Tesla Powerwall 2 (28kWh of battery storage) and 10kWp of Solar Panels, saving him more than R35,000 every year!
And of course he completely forgot what load-shedding is!

You have enough of load-shedding and electricity price increases? Contact us and we will arrange a personalised assessment of your requirement and suitable quoted options.

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