It’s Freedom Won Friday! We are extremely proud of this project in Somerset West, Cape Town. Our client has an ambitious requirement (100kWh per day) and trusted us to evaluate, design and implement a suitable Solar System to match not only his requirement, but also to match and exceed his expectation.

The main consumption of this residence is in summer, while the remaining year the property is not using much power at all. That is why we designed the system for maximum efficiency in summer, to produce almost 100kWh per day and provide reliable backup power to the whole house. Outside of summer the property is able to run close to off-grid and only needs to purchase power from the grid on rainy days.

The System is built with a 48kVA inverter (consisting of 6x 8kVA inverters in parallel), 20kWp of Solar Panels and 40kWh of Freedom Won batteries, which are manufactured in South Africa! In summer this System will reduce the electricity bill of the property by more than R8,000.00 per month and enable the owners to entertain and use their home, no matter if there is load-shedding or not.

The technology available today can match any requirement of homes and businesses at an extremely attractive and financially viable price point. Contact us to get a personalised consultation and quotation from our qualified and technically trained Sales Representatives.


Large scale Residential Home Solar System in Somerset West Cape Town

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