Residential Solar Power System with Batteries in Constantia - Cape Town

SOPRA Apartments in the heart of Constantia is a long-term client of Treetops Renewable Energy Systems. And has now made the next step to total independence of electricity. The owner upgraded his lead-acid batteries to a 40kWh Lithium battery, which is coupled to an 18kW 3-phase MLT inverter. SOPRA Apartments used our large scale Residential Solar System in Constantia to reduce its electricity bill, energy dependence and electricity failures close to 0.

  • 17.3kWp of poly-crystalline Solar Modules, which produce more than 26,000kWh per annum
  • 18kW MLT Inverter for full coverage of all loads with battery power, even during power failures
  • 40kWh Lithium battery for maximised self-consumption of the produced electricity and battery backup during power failures and load-shedding

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Solar System in Constantia with 60kWh Battery and 9kWp

Tranquil living with a Solar System in Constantia

This Solar System in Constantia consists of 9kWp of Solar modules and is powered by several MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) to ensure the best electricity production at every time of the day.

The inverter is a true “Made in South Africa” power station, which can provide up to 36kW to the house,  while the municipal power is on, and up to 18kW in a power failure or load-shedding scenario.

Adding the new 40kWh Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Battery from Freedom Won is one of the last steps to be fully independent from the municipal grid, even in winter. In close cooperation with the client we are tracking and managing certain big loads and assist with the increase of the last parts of this System.

Our PV Systems grow with your demand

When consulting with you about your Solar System, we make sure that we only recommend components, which can be upgraded – not replaced – at a later stage, should you require more power than you currently have.

Peace of mind is one of the most important components we equip our clients with.

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Are you interested in a Solar System?

Rising electricity prices and load-shedding are on their way. It is a very good time to invest into a Solar System! Save money every month and don’t be confronted with Power Failures anymore.

You can produce electricity for as little as R1.00 per kWh. Without price increases, without CO2 emission and if you use a battery, even without power failures.

You are not renting your house, so why rent your electricity?

This sounds too good to be true? You have understood the concept of Treetops Renewable Energy Systems and how our Solar Systems will work for you.

Inquire now!

You need to know NOW how much you can save with our Solar Systems? We have created some informative Planning Tools for you, which are free to use.

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