Commercial Solar Power System in Cape Town

Julius Solomon Specialist Labels in Maitland has decided to reduce their overheads and gain competitive advantage with their 99kWp commercial Solar System in Maitland. This is the first phase of 3 on our clients’ way to energy independence.

They have chosen the superior optimisation technology of SolarEdge for their Photovoltaic System:

  • Electricity yields of up to 25% higher, compared to traditional string inverters
  • Free, module-level, real-time monitoring for minimum downtime
  • Warranties of 25 years on the optimisers and 20 years on the inverter.
  • Minimum maintenance costs!

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Competitive advantage with a commercial Solar System in Maitland

Commercial Solar System in Maitland, Cape Town

99kWp commercial Solar System in Maitland, Cape Town

360 Solar Modules, 180 SolarEdge optimisers and 3 SolarEdge inverters with 27.6kW each. We estimate this PV System to produce over 160,000kWh per annum, resulting in a saving of more than ZAR 200,000.00 per annum (2018).

Julius Solomon Specialist Labels participate in the City of Cape Town SSEG (Small Scale Embedded Generation Scheme, which rewards them for electricity being fed back into the public grid on weekends, when the solar production exceeds their electricity demand. This ensures that our clients’ Solar System does not have to be throttled back and they can benefit off the full potential of their PV System. At the current rate (March 2018) their electricity is being set off by ZAR 0.68 per kWh. There is no additional charge for commercial customers to join the SSEG scheme.

Additionally, Julius Solomon Specialist Labels makes use of the governments tax incentive, which enables them to depreciate their Solar System by 100% of the marginal tax rate within the first 3 years.

Taking all of this into consideration, Julius Solomon Specialist Labels achieves an RoI of 5 years. After those 5 years, they will enjoy running their business with free electricity for at least 20 more  years.

We are proud to be part of the Renewable Energy journey of Julius Solomon Specialist Labels.

Are you also interested in a PV System for your Home or Company? Then contact us and let´s talk about it!

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