4.76kWp Solar System in Camps Bay

This Solar System in Camps Bay was built for the Ocean Lounge, a luxurious German guest house in Camps Bay. The Owner wanted to reduce his energy footprint and decided to install a Tesla Powerwall.

The Ocean Lounge used our Residential Solar System to reduce their electricity bill and energy footprint. 

  • 4.76kWp of mono-crystalline Solar Modules, which produce more than 7,000kWh per annum 
  • 5kW SolarEdge inverter and a built-in 3kW backup inverter for power outages
  • 7kWh Tesla Powerwall for maximised self-consumption and battery backup

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Sustainable Living with a Solar System in Camps Bay

4.76kWp Solar System in Camps BayThe PV System consists of 17 mono-crystalline Solar Modules with a rated power of 290Wp each. This sums up to a total Solar System size of 4.76kWp. Every Solar Panel is connected to its own MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) and provides between 10% and 15% more electricity, compared to other inverter technologies.

The Solar Panels are connected to a 5kW grid-tied inverter, as well as a 3kW backup inverter. Providing this 2-in-1 solution convinced the owner to decide for SolarEdge and the Tesla Powerwall System.


Modular PV Systems to expand anytime

This Solar System in Camps Bay can adjust to the clients needs anytime. The SolarEdge inverter has spare capacity for another 5 Solar Panels and he can add another Tesla Powerwall at any point in time. All other components remain the same and where they are, reducing the expansion cost to a minimum.


When will you get your Solar System?

It is always the right time to get a Solar System in Camps Bay or anywhere else. You can produce Solar Power for as little as ZAR 1.20 per kWh. No annual escalation, no carbon-dioxide emission and no power outages, when you use a Battery. You are not renting a house, so why rent your electricity?

Does this sound too good to be true? Then you have understood how Solar Systems from Treetops Renewable Energy Systems work. 

Inquire now! And if you want to find out yourself how much electricity you can save with your Solar System, you can use our convenient Planning Tools!

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