Flat roof mounted Solar System Hout Bay

Our client makes good use of his flat roof with this 6.75kWp Solar System in Hout Bay, Cape Town. We have used our non-penetrating mounting structure to prevent leaks at any point in time. Even in the windy area of Hout Bay this mounting structure “Made in Germany” will work reliably.

The Client used his Residential Solar System to make a big impact on his energy footprint. 

  • 6.75kWp of Solar Modules provide more than 10.000 kWh per annum at no cost and without CO2
  • His 10kW SolarEdge inverter bears potential for future expansions and comes with a standard 12 year warranty
  • The optimisation with SolarEdge provides him with important fire-safety features and increase his electricity production by 15%.


Carbon-neutral living with a Solar System in Hout Bay

Grid-tied Solar System in Hout Bay flat roof

With 27  Solar Modules this PV System is rather large compared to other residential Photovoltaic Systems in Cape Town.
We are proud to say that the Solar System covers most of our clients electricity needs, which leaves him with a close to 0 energy footprint.

This PV System is not equipped with a Battery. Our Client joined the City of Cape Town SSEG Scheme and gets credited for every kWh he feeds back into the grid.


Maximise your electricity production with SolarEdge

Our grid-tied Solar Systems are all equipped with the optimsing technology of SolarEdge. We provide you with module-level, real-time monitoring to ensure the maximum up-time of your Solar System. 
Additionally,  by optimising each module, your electricity yield is increased by more than 15%!


When will you get your Solar System?

It is always the right time to get a Solar System in Hout Bay or anywhere else. With Solar Power you can produce electricity for less than R1.00 on a grid-tied application. No annual escalation, no carbon-dioxide emissions and most importantly: you are Energy Independent.

Sounds too good to be true? Then you have understood the concept of our Solar Systems. Inquire now and contact us!

You can also Design your own grid-tied Solar System.

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