Residential Solar Battery System, no more load-shedding

Treetops Renewable Energy Systems is working together with the Housing Developers of L’Afrique Verte (Green Africa). With this energy efficient Home and its Solar System in Franschhoek, we are building a truly eco-friendly estate.

See how energy efficient building and high quality Residential Solar Systems can reduce your energy footprint to almost 0:

  • 3.78kWp of Solar Modules provide this home with more than 5,600 kWh per annum
  • 6kVA MLT inverter, engineered and built for the South African environment
  • 10kWh Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Battery with a 10 year warranty and an expected life-span of 15+ years


Eco-friendly living with a Solar System in Franschhoek

Solar System in Franschhoek with 10kWh Lithium Battery

Power electronics – 6kVA inverter, 10kWh Lithhium-Iron-Phosphate Battery

This Solar System in Franschhoek consists of 14 poly-crystalline Solar Modules with a rated power of 275Wp each. This sums up to a total PV Generator size of 3.78kWp. 
The Solar Modules are connected to the latest SA developed MPPT regulator and ensure maximum power output and safest battery charging.
Both components are connected to a 6kVA bi-directional inverter. It incorporates the public grid as alternative source and supplies the home seamlessly with electricity. 


Expand your PV System as you need it

Our Solar Systems can grow alongside you and your family. You can increase the amount of Solar Modules and your Battery capacity at any point in time. 

Simply add another regulator and increase your PV generator size, or add another Battery to be even more Energy Independent.

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Solar panels in Franschhoek


When will you get your Solar System?

It is always the right time to get a Solar System in Franschhoek or anywhere else. With Solar Power you can produce electricity for your own home for as little as R1.20 per kWh. No annual escalation, no carbon-dioxide emission and you are Energy Independent.

Sounds too good to be true? Then you have understood the concept of Solar Systems. Inquire now and contact us!

You can also Design your own Solar Battery System!

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