Residential Solar System in Constantia

This is not only a PV System in Constantia. It is the commitment of a whole family to reduce their energy footprint and their electricity bill. The approach for them was clear from the start:

  1. 15.8kWp BenQ 330Wp 60kWh Freedom Won Lithium Battery Solar Power in ConstantiaEnergy Efficiency to reduce his total electricity bill
  2. Improving the consumption habits
  3. Building this Battery PV System in Constantia


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About this PV System in Constantia

60kWh Lithium Battery and 3-phase inverter for a Solar System in Constantia

Our Client wanted to become as energy independent as possible. This is why we used a 60kWh Freedom Won Lithium Won Battery for his Solar System in Constantia. For the next 10+ years, this battery will provide more than 40kWh per night. The whole house is powered by a powerful 24kVA 3-phase inverter, which seamlessly integrates Solar Power and the public grid. If the battery is empty, power will be supplied from the grid without any required switchover. 

PV System in Constantia with Regulators for 15.8kWp BenQ Solar Modules

The necessary Solar Power is provided by highest efficiency BenQ PV panels. The power rating is 330Wp each, but they take less space than a standard 270Wp PV panel. All PV Modules (15.8kWp) are optimised by MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) regulators. They ensure at all times the absolute maximum electricity yield of this Solar System in Constantia. For this specific location we expect 25 000 kWh per annum, saving over ZAR 50 000 per annum.


Are you keen for YOUR Solar System? Then let’s talk about it!

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